Thursday, June 02, 2005

My sister and I just spent a glorious weekend in Victoria, BC, celebrating our birthday. I know I've posted about this before, but for those of you who are new to my blog, I say 'our' birthday not because we're twins, but because my birthday is the day after hers. We like each other so much that it never made sense to have our birthdays separately when we could have twice as much fun together. I suppose we are about as close as twins could be without being born on the same day, and everyone else seems to think so too.

Our hotel was the quaintest little ancient hotel we had ever seen, with a miniature kitchen, rounded ceiling edges, and wonderfully hideous orange chairs. We read a sign on the kitchen door that read: "We have recently added the convenience of coffee makers in the rooms. However, due to a shortage of electricity in the building, we ask that you not use the outlet for the coffee maker and the outlet on the stove at the same time as the fuse for the fridge will blow. Thank-you, and enjoy your stay." We wondered what might happen if we sat on the bed and talked at the same time. Maybe we would lose the air pressure in the room.

Downtown Victoria was home to our every whim and spontaneous feeling. Well, almost every one. Perhaps if we were not conscientious moral girls, it would have been home to every single one. We contended ourselves with boutiques, bookstores, coffee shops, art galleries, little pastry shop, long walks on the harbor, lounging about on the great lawn in front of the parliament building, and finding likely victims to take our pictures. We rationalized that the safest people to do this would be old people and parents with little kids. If the old person decided to take off with our camera, we could surely outrun them, and the parent wouldn't be likely to take our camera and leave their little kid.

The most wonderful part about spending the weekend with my sister is how much she make me laugh...constantly. The majority of looks we got from people (besides guys who were checking us out) was when we were laughing, even though it was most likely at nothing at all. I'm sure they all wished they knew us, so that they could laugh too. People don't laugh nearly as much as they should.


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This has absolutely nothing to do with this post, but I was thinking aboout the title of your blog, Andate and your subtitle. It doesn't make sense at all. You say you are walking briskly through life, but andate means to walk at a slow (well i guess moderately slow, to be exact) pace. And just another question: why did you pick that word to describe yourself. I know you're a music person so I thought maybe taht was why. Just wondering. You can email me the answer at or just talk about it in your next post. By the way: I keep looking for an update and continue to be disappointed when the same one from June 2 is there. It's already the eighth! lol. Anyway, just wanted to say hi and ask you those questions. Sianara.

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