Thursday, May 19, 2005

Our dishwasher at work has suddenly waxed philosophical in the last two days. He keeps asking random philosophical questions as I'm running in and out of the dishroom. I never know what he's going to say next, or how in the world it connects to what we're doing at the moment. Maybe washing dishes is conducive to working out the questions of life. Who knows. Here are the four he asked me today:

What is the relevancy of life?
Do you consider yourself a liberal thinker?
Some people think that the soul never dies...what do you think?
Would you be opposed to Cossacks living in your city?

What in the world do Cossacks have to do with anything????


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In my little tourist village, we have a local paper which runs a weekly column called "Ask the Diver." (local lingo for "dishwasher"). Readers are invited to send questions to the dishwashing staff of various restaurants around town - asking for advice, or opinions on philosophical issues.

Some people, such as myself, have gone about choosing a lifestyle, rather than choosing a career... the physical town is important to us, so we tend to be less selective about job offers.

And, indeed... living as a poorer person can give you a wonderful education... one gets a very balanced perspective on life.

I think of Franklin Delano Roosevelt as our greatest president - and his agendas and insight were rooted in a very succinct wisdom, which was gotten through the years of hardship of having had polio as a child, and a subsequent of life which involved being physically disabled.

Necessity is the mother of invention, it is said. One becomes very innovative in one's approach to life, while going through rough circumstances.

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