Saturday, May 14, 2005

I think every college student who has a personal website all post something about being home again for the summer. I've already read a couple posts that my friends have written with variations on the theme. With a lack of something else to write about, I suppose I shall join them. I've now been home five days, and finding old things I love, new things I have to think about, and memories I wonder about.

Favorite things about home so far:

Whispering in the dark with my sister under the covers, and then almost getting in trouble because we're too loud. Yes, even at 22 and 19 we get in trouble for that.

Discussing silly stories and daily events around the dinner table with my family. I'm sure we look like a scene from the Waltons or the Brady Bunch, but it's everyday life for us.

Serving Bill and Charlotte at the Cafe. When I'm old and gray, I want to be just like them.

Bringing all my clothes back home and combining them with my sister's for a doubled wardrobe. It's like a free shopping spree.

Giving my dad a goodnight kiss on the cheek. His stubble still scratches the same way as it did when I was four.

Lounging on our big leather couches. I definitely need to have some when I grow up.

Hugging my dog, Louis. Everyone who reads this needs to pray that my family never gives him away.

Going to 'The Buzz', and getting Cafe Vita espresso. Ahh. . .the nectar of life. Just kidding. But it's pretty amazing coffee.

Seeing the Olypmic Mountains! I can't help that I'm irreversibly a West Coast girl who loves the mountains and the ocean at the same time.

It's good to be home. . .


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