Monday, May 16, 2005

I found this scrap of writing and was slightly amused. It was from my second freshman semester in the middle of nowhere, Alberta, in a 60 below zero winter. It was cold, to say the least. The class I was in when this was written must have been pretty boring too. Bad combination.

My classroom journey

Inside I sit
This hard desk
My captor
Other's faces surround me
Feigning interest
My own appears
To pay attention
No one knows
My thoughts have left

They have crept away
Sneaking slowly
Across the room
To the window
And jump gleefully
Through the doleful pane
Into the quiet winter

Walking down the sidewalks
Frolicking with the snowflakes
Like the Pied Piper
They have drawn me away
To places of blissful fantasy

A voice interrupts
My thoughts run,
Tumbling back to me
In a jumbled, laughing mess

They laugh at me
Vainly attempting to order them
For a question asked

I am back
In the classroom.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Odessa, your blog is amazing. I must have gone back a few weeks and enjoyed reading randomness. Few others have gotten that complement out of me. I had no idea you had this... and you have probably told me before... maybe. anyway, how did you find me? hmmm. I am home again... only to depart early in the morning. later.

11:55 PM  
Blogger odessa said...

Thanks for the compliment...but I don't know who it's from! Mind filling me in?

11:46 AM  

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