Thursday, May 26, 2005

I ate Oreos with my sister on our bedroom floor tonight, making our teeth black, spilling telltale crumbs on the carpet, and glorying in the scrumptious invention of crispy chocolate and creamy white filling. What would life be like without Oreos? I must confess they make me happy, just by eating them. If you ever see me sad and want to help the situation, bring me Oreos. I am positive that they are a good solution to any problem. We justified our consumption of vast quanities of Oreos with the fact that we had gone running today. I wonder how much running equals an Oreo?


Blogger Valerie said...

I love how we do that. If I go running, it justifies so many things. It makes me feel like running everyday. Where do you guys run? (If you run Old Olympic don't you just end up waving at people the whole time? :-)

10:09 AM  
Anonymous Ross said...

hmmm... Oreos... 1. twist 2. dunk the plain one 3. then the creamy one. 4. leave one in the milk for after you srink it. 5. justify it with a good hike.

11:49 PM  
Anonymous Ross said...

that could either be drink or shrink... haven;t figured that out yet...

11:50 PM  
Anonymous Ross said...

that would be haven't... gosh... waht is wrong with me tonight.

11:50 PM  
Anonymous Ross said...

I mean what.

11:51 PM  

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