Saturday, April 16, 2005

Last week my mom sent me a care package full of healthy things to get me through until the end of the semester. Most of it came from the huge health food store at home called 'Sunny Farms'. She sent vitamins, granola bars, energy bars, Emergen-C, figs, trail mix --- all the wonderful munchy healthy stuff you can put in your book bag and not feel bad about eating in the middle of the day.

Since I've started bringing it to school, there seems to be a general fascination among my classmates with each new item they see me eating. It began with the Emergen-C, a vitamin/electrolite powder that you mix in with water, kind of like a super Gatorade drink. The first time I started shaking it up in my water bottle I had a small group of skeptics staring at me. No, they really aren't hormones or steroids, I promise. It's vitamins.

The next day I brought some figs with me and was eating a few before choir rehearsal began. The tenor section next to me started giving my bag strange looks. "What are those? Figs? Like, in the Bible figs?" My chef friend in the bass section asked if he could have one (knowing what figs actually were), and as soon as I gave him one, a tenor asked if he could have one too. And then the tenor next to him asked for one, and soon I was handing out figs to the majority of the tenor section. And yes, you can eat the whole thing, just not the stem.

Yesterday morning I brought a 'Bumble Bar' with me, a kind of energy/candy bar that is sesame seeds, honey, flax seeds, etc. all compressed into a flat bar. Almost every person I talked to began looking questioningly at my bar about half way through our conversation, and finally interrupted me to ask what in the world I was eating. It's like a healthy candy bar you can eat for breakfast. It makes you feel like a bird because there are so many seeds. Just kidding.

When I come back next semester I'll have to bring some more 'strange' food from Sunny Farms for my skeptical friends. There really is healthy food that is interesting and tastes good. . .but maybe that's just a Northwest thing. Sunny Farms should start a satellite store with me here in Cleveland - there seems to be a pretty good market.


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