Thursday, April 07, 2005

It's officially that point in the semester where everything in me wants to stop, slack off, sleep in, not care, skip class, etc, etc. . . I don't normally complain and rant on this web site about my personal everyday stresses, but I can't help myself. Besides, when I write it out it helps me laugh at myself. I'm almost done, but still have mountains of stuff to finish. I don't want to think about studying for one more exam, even though there are still three exams left before finals. Yes, I still love music, but after three months of the same music, I'm ready to hear something different. But learning new music at this point seems completely overwhelming. Better stick with the old stuff. Is it worth it to get up an hour early and practice? Or is faking it with a longer night's sleep better? Surely taking 10 minutes to stare out the window and think about nothing won't hurt too much, even though 20 pages of Music History need to be read. Perhaps sleeping at the Music building is a worthy idea. The benches in the lobby are looking very tempting. What? Help you learn your music? Of course! Oh, an accompanist is needed for middle school competitions? It's me to the rescue! Having an office seems a great idea. . .my lockers are jammed with music and more is coming in. Is 17 full credits too much, plus 2 audited credits? Am I crazy? What was that? Oh, another trumpet sonata in multiple time signatures and keys that might as well be ignored because of all the accidentals? Pass it here. Rehearse with you? Is 9 p.m. okay? Laundry definately needs to be done, otherwise I'll be wearing p.j's to class. Breakfast? What is that? I think it's a cereal bar, an apple, and water. Can I stop now? Are they all gone? Is it over? No? Okay, I'll just eat another Jelly Belly and feel better.


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