Friday, April 01, 2005

I ride past him most week day mornings on my way to school. He has just gotten to the car maintenence shop, sitting in the rusty metal chair that is outside the door. He waits for the first customer to drive up in their slightly dusty sedan, asking for a wash or detailing job.

I glance as I ride past, and he gives me a nod from underneath his greasy baseball cap. Maybe he wonders what I study. Maybe he wonders why I always ride a bike and never drive a car, even in heels and suits.

I wonder why he is a car detailer. I wonder what he wanted to do when he was my age. I wonder what he thinks about when he sits and stares at the street. But we just glance and nod, forgetting about each other until the next morning. Maybe if I ever get a car I'll take it to him to wash, and when I leave I'll smile and tell him to have a beautiful day.


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