Thursday, April 14, 2005


my heart betrays me
plays chess with my thoughts
not a harsh game
but slow and mischievous
making me think without knowing
dream without hoping

i try to ignore it
my eyes tightly closed
but the music
sweet music i loved
plays over and over in my mind
like a dripping faucet
like the buzzing fly
hitting the window again and again

music that reminds
music that cries
about dreams that find me
in rainy afternoons
and my cup of steaming black coffee

dreams of dancing
tripping on my feet
and feeling a smile in the sliver twilight
dreams of gentle holding
silent resting
and listening to secrets

choice is my only ally
choice and the Divine
holding these dreams in my open hand

holding softly
like the little brown bird i rescued
shaking, trembling, reassured
flying away in a moment
leaving a feather in my hands
singing softly from the rose bush
released and delighted.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Exquisite! ! ! !
I love your dreams:) mommy

12:35 PM  

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