Wednesday, March 30, 2005

My birthday has become such an odd thing since I have moved away to school. Unlike all my lucky friends whose birthdays are in the summer, and therefore are with their families, mine falls right before the insanity of finals. I celebrate it in random moments and ways in between the non-stop flow of classes, practicing, and accompanying. Last night I called my sister to say 'Happy Birthday', and we bemoaned the fact that we were again away from each other on our birthdays. Since our birthdays are only one day apart, we have decided to just have 'our' birthday, instead of hers and mine. When we're not together it only feels like half a birthday, and we console ourselves with sister talk and planning how to make it up to each other in the summer. This morning before I left for school I sat on my bed and opened the presents she had sent me. The whimsical wrapping paper that held the random gifts made me miss her more. She knows that tons of loopy, colorful ribbons make me smile, and packages of face masks wrapped in ivory fabric will make finals bearable.

For the rest of the day I ran around campus in beautiful clothes that made me feel like a lady, accepted the compliments of my friends, and told everyone it was my birthday. I figured that since Lee Day is this week and I will have absolutely no time for partying until after the weekend, I might as well get wished as many Happy Birthday's as possible. I found enough change in my book bag to treat myself to an iced coffee, put a flower in my hair, and skipped Theory 4 in celebration. The only odd thing about the day was telling people that I am 22 now. For some reason I thought 22 would feel different than this. Stranger still was talking to my mom and being reminded that at my age she was married and had a baby. Scary thought. . .though five years ago I would have told you that I expected the same for myself. Somehow once you actually get there it doesn't seem so simple.


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