Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Today. . .

Bought two boxes of Girl Scout cookies for the first time.

Realized I that I not only like the color orange, but I like eating orange things. And I drink out of an orange water bottle (There's something about orange).

Sneeze in the middle of accompanying the choir.

Sing O Canada to myself.

Compare Beethoven's Waldstien Sonata with Chopin's Etude in A minor.

Consider flirting, and decide against it.

Try to find my range two octaves above middle C (It's there somewhere, I just have to find it).

Laughed at myself playing the clarinet. . .and shudder to think of playing the trumpet in two weeks.

Practice. . .and practice. . .and practice. . .


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Go Girl!! Love Girl Scout cookies too. And wish I could hear the trumpet:) If anyone can do it, YOU CAN!! Luv MOM

11:01 PM  

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