Tuesday, February 01, 2005

I decided to be brave this morning and represent my fellow students in Music History that are all tearing their hair out because we have our first exam on Friday. First exams are usually stressful, but on top of it all, it's Music History. And it's the day after Convocation. And the Music Library is closed every night this week after the service. And we have 70 pages of text, 16 pages of notes, and 12 classical pieces to learn.

So I decided to go and appeal to our professor this morning after my first class. He was sitting behind his oval black desk, and graciously invited me to sit down. I put on my best professional student attitude and presented one of those 'I-am-a-good-student-and-love-your-class-and-you're-a-great-prof-but-I-really-need-your-help' speech. He sat rather platonically through my appeal with a smile on his face. I wondered if he was simply laughing to himself because I was saying all the things he expect, and had already decided it wasn't going to change anything, or if he was thinking that I really was a great student and he wanted to help me out. I couldn't tell.

After my speech, he nodded his head, and said that he was taking all that under advisement. Whatever that really means. Of course, his concern was that if we push the exam back a day, than everything else would be pushed back too, and we would suffer the "mushroom effect", as he put it. But then again, what's one more day? And of course, I heartily agreed with him, and thanked him sincerely for his time and consideration.

If he actually moves the exam, it will be for the first time in history that a Music History exam at Lee University has ever been reconsidered. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. No, I'm actually praying. Changes in history would be a very good thing right now. I might actually sleep the next four days.


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