Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Whenever I begin a new semester I find myself thinking about and questioning everything I thought I had settled the semester before. The people I come back to are different. The person I come back as is different. And I wonder, am I really older and wiser this time? Have I learned anything beneficial at all? What am I really learning as I go through the daily routine of class and rehearsal with my fellow classmates? What about these days will I remember when I am old? Which of these faces that I see everyday will I continue to see when we all leave and go on with 'real life'? What an odd feeling to know that I will never hear from and eventually never think of many of these people after I graduate. And it's equally odd to think that many of them will eventually forget all about me. Yet we are currently all we have to keep each other sane so that we can leave. And then eventually forget about each other. Strange.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I never ever forget about you, Odessa. I probably never will. I wish you would come back to us.

2:44 AM  

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