Wednesday, October 20, 2004

We've now officially reached the half way point in the semester. Last weekend was Fall Break, and there are 4-1/2 weeks left until Thanksgiving Break. And then we come back for finals week. And then it's all over.

I thought Fall Break was going to clear my mind from everything, and I would come back to a leisurely last half of the semester. Wrong. I realized today that I have a total of eleven papers to complete in the next four weeks. And I need to attend nine concerts. And memorize my concert for entrance into upper division vocal training. And accompany six instrumentalists in their juries. And still go to work. And still sleep somewhere in it all.

Somehow in it all I've managed to pull of the image that I 'have it all together', in the words of a fellow student. How I ever managed that I'll never know. It's like I told my dad last night on the phone, "I just keep waking up every morning and doing what I have to do. I guess that looks like it's all under control."


Blogger Charisa said...

Oh Pete! You have my undying admiration. You're the most controlled maniac I've ever met. You'll do it, I've no doubt. And I'm sure, get A-double-pluses on everything :)

12:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd have to agree with Charisa--you're the "most together" maniac. You should get the award of the year or something. You make my load look so much more sane. How can you possibly have 11 papers to write? I'm home for a week of Fall break, which I thought was going to be an awesome break, but turned out to be "experience school at home" as most of my time I've spent writing, studying and practicing.

12:27 PM  

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