Saturday, October 23, 2004

Since the weather has gotten cooler here, I have noticed that families of very strange insects have begun appearing. Enormous brown and green grasshoppers now sit in the outside window frames of our Humanities Building, making me wonder if in a couple days they will descend upon the little ant hill in the back and demand their payment of seeds.

When I walk home at night there are alarmingly large insects that crawl along the black pavement. Don't ask me what they are...I have no clue. Some are black, oval shaped beetles the size of ping-pong balls. Then there are the enormous spiders that look like bits of grass until they start moving. And then the scuttling cockroaches that sit motionless until you are about to step on them, and then flee in random incoherent circles. And then there are the little white moths that I originally thought were tree seed pods floating in the air...until a friend made me look at them closer and I saw that they were bugs. Gross.

I have never seen so many bugs in my life, with maybe the exception of the ones I saw in Uganda. But the ones here are pretty close. Why do we need bugs? I would like to know.


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