Saturday, October 02, 2004


Most of the time I like the male race in general. I grew up with three brothers and their friends, and though sometimes I believe male persons to be strange, I normally like them. In fact, they often make much more sense to me than girls. I often find myself apologizing to guys for females, telling them I don't understand girls anymore than they do, even though I am one. Guys are for the most part simple, clear, if there is something wrong they will tell you, if you have a problem they want to know, they say it like it is, and they don't over-hypothesize things.

However, today I am tired of men.

I am tired of them looking. (especially when 'them' falls between the ages of 16 and 50.)
I am tired of them whistling. (is that supposed to make me feel special?)
I am tired of them driving their trucks past me when I'm on my bike and saying "hello girl!" (like I really want to talk to you as you blow down the road)
I am tired of them waving.
I am tired of them trying to impress me with antics.
I am tired of them wanting to have their cake and eat it too. (just decide something!)
I am tired of them knowing I am available. (would they all go away if I pretended I was engaged?)

I am tired of men.

But I am only tired of them in the plural sense. I am not a feminist who thinks all men are out to put me down or take advantage of me, but I am tired of what they think they can do in general. And I'm tired of the fact that it is foolish girls who have made them believe that their actions can get them something. At the same time, I look forward to seeing the men and guys I really know. Today I am just tired of the ones I don't know. Tomorrow could be entirely different.


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