Friday, October 08, 2004

If I wanted to become more French

I drank my Starbucks latte and perused a book about how to cultivate the inner French woman in myself. I discovered in the five minutes that I read the 200 plus page book that in order to be more French I needed to:

Ignore the TV and magazines and instead go to museums and concerts and galleries.

Stop shopping for a list of staples at the grocery and instead build my meal around on particular item that catches my eye.

Adore cocktail parties.

Have two lives: school life and family life.

Drink coffee for the enjoyment of the drink itself, not for the pick-me-up it gives.

Allow relationships to develop at will, without trying to 'define' them too soon.

Shop for signature items that speak of quality and character.

Eat plenty of sumptuously splendid food.

Avoid becoming a soccer mom at all costs.

I do not have a drop of French blood in me, but French women may be on the right track about a lot of things.


Blogger Charisa said...

Oh I do like that. I'm an accomplished French Woman in several, well a few areas. Let's say I only ever drink coffee for the enjoyment it brings. I'm working on the rest. :)

11:55 AM  
Blogger Valerie said...

I have a feeling though, that the ultimate woman of that sort would would never write a self-emprovement book describing how not to be the type of woman who never reads self-emprovement books :-)

3:01 PM  

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