Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Get a clue, girls

You can see them all over my campus: overly tanned girls with paper thin T-shirts and skirts that barely cover their tidey-whiteys. I always wondered what the point was...who came up with these outfits anyway? Do guys really think that is attractive?

I found the answer a few nights ago in a conversation about girl's dress with two of my guy friends. Through their ranting and raving, I discovered that current women's fashion is not at all appealing to them. They said it was ugly, unattractive, and absurd. They asked, "What are those things...do they still call them skirts? They're more like bandanas they tie around themselves. We don't want to see that. Girls need to put some clothes on."

I didn't know what to tell them, except, "Yeah, they still call them skirts."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey! What if a group of these concerned guys got together and had a forum where they could communicate to the girls how they feel? I wonder if the girls would get the message that dressing immodestly does not attract good attention to themselves and actually think about making changes in their wardrobes? Might make for some interesting campus dynamics.

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