Monday, July 26, 2004

Lately I've found myself being introduced into the world of hemp. I say 'found myself' because I've done nothing not aid in this introduction at all. It's just happening. Until recently, hemp was a word I associated with 'earthy' people. You know, the people who wear the hemp bracelets and Birkenstocks and drink mate and eat organic vegetables and drive Volkswagens. The Back to the Basics people. I heard the word hemp and thought, "Hemp. That's nice, but really not me." For the past two weeks, however, I can't seem to get away from the stuff.

It started with a conversation at work with a co-worker. He began telling me about all the things hemp could be used for and how versatile it was. Hemp goes way beyond the little tan bracelets and chokers I see in Port Townsend. He told me that there is hemp paper, hemp clothing, hemp rope, hemp sandal's, hemp beverages, even hemp soap. Further more, he said there are national hemp associations, hemp festivals, and a national hemp day. Interesting, I thought.

A few days later, I went to the coffee shop to meet a friend. She had on a beautiful dusty rose tank top on, but the texture of the shirt was what intrigued me. It looked soft and tightly woven, but it had a slight sheen to it. Her answer when I asked what it was? Hemp.

A few days after that, I was in an art shop with my mother while she looked at some art pencils. I always gravitate towards the paper and textile aisles of art stores because I love the textures and colors (something about new paper just fascinates me). While I wandered through the paper section, I saw a shelf with the magic word. Hemp notebooks. And very cool ones at that.

I'm beginning to feel like hemp is stalking me. I was going through some old keepsakes and journals from years ago, when I found some stuff from a camp I helped direct years ago. One of my keepsakes was from one of the crafts I had done with my kids. It was a twisted hemp bracelet with blue and green beads.

I am currently wearing the bracelet on my wrist. There is a bar of hemp soap in my shower, a gift from the co-worker who began this whole thing. I'll probably find myself buying an article of hemp clothing in the near future. Why hemp? I have no idea. Some things just seem to happen. This time it was hemp.


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I'll see you at the wedding... we should grab coffee or something. (knowing the hectic will be bending to chaos).

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