Sunday, July 25, 2004

I've begun going through my things, preparing to leave for Lee U three weeks from today. My roommate has just been in Cleveland, and has secured a cozy little townhouse for us to call home for the next two semesters. By some stroke of luck or Providence, it actually has two bedrooms and a washer and dryer in it, not just the hook-ups thereof. Best of all, it's also that magical college word: affordable. We are extremely happy.

I'm now trying to figure out how one moves across the country to a house by plane. Moving to a dorm is one thing, but setting up a house is quite another. As before, all my worldly possessions must fit into two boxes on the plane. The rest must stay behind or be shipped. Suddenly I consider shipping things that I never thought of before. How much would it cost to ship a mattress and box spring? Is it cheaper than buying new ones? How would one ship a mattress anyway?  

Then I realized all the things we must buy in order to make our house livable. When you grow up in your parents house, there are multiple things that you take for granted as always being there. Like the broom or the toilet brush. Or Chlorox, dishtowels, or salt and pepper. I don't think I've ever seen my mother buy salt or pepper. I've re-filled the shakers, but I've never ran out of either. They are just there. I think they grow in the cupboard.

I'll have to buy a vegetable peeler and garbage bags and toilet tissue. And who can do without hot pads? I mean, I never think about hot pads, but you can't do without them. I find myself scoping out the things in our house wondering what things I could take with me that wouldn't be missed here. Maybe I could take my favorite kitchen knife and the popcorn pot. Come to think of it, the popcorn pot would definitely be a negative. It possesses relic-like qualities in this family. My popcorn just won't be the same.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey odessa...I completely understand your packing thoughts. I too am in the process of gathering all together the things that I think might be good things to have in our cozy little house. I am so thankful that we have a house and by a year form now it will be even more happier and cozier than it is now. It is good to say we are finally off campus students:)

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