Tuesday, June 29, 2004

I've recently become obsessed with skirts. This is an odd development because I have not worn skirts regularly for the past four years. Why? Because from the time I was five until four years ago the girls in my family wore skirts and dresses only. No pants or shorts whatsoever. I know, strange for the 21st century. The reasons for this are outside of this post's purpose, but needless to say, I had had enough of skirts and dresses for a while and exuberantly explored the world of pants. I exuberantly explored so much that when I came home this summer I discovered I only had three skirts to my name. And two of them were black.

I then decided that for a girl to have only three skirts was positively outrageous. So I added a soft fawn A-line to keep the other three skirts company. Then a suede chocolate brown skirt with an extreme diagonal hem came up and made the number five. After that my obsession began. Now I try on more skirts in a store than pants. A dark blue with wildly scattered white flowers is being added, as well as a ivory with impudent pink flowers and green vines running every which way over it. A soft coral tweed is tempting me too. It would be so chic for the fall. And in the back of my mind I keep thinking I need a white skirt...and maybe a yellow one as well.

I have no idea where this will stop. This is probably the furthest I will ever get in a girlish nonsensical obsession. But being obsessed with skirts seems a rather harmless obsession. At least for now.


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