Monday, May 03, 2004

This was a quiz in Lee's campus paper. It supposedly determines how 'in the bubble' one is. Some of these statements are semi-exclusive to Lee, but maybe some fellow students will get a kick out of them as well. The affects of being in a college bubble seem to be universal.

Lee is home if:

You spend more than three hours a day in the cafeteria.
You remember the dates of all the dorm's open dorm nights but you forget your family's birthdays.
You plan your weekends around the times that the food court is open.
You know how many flex dollars you have but not how much money is in your back account.

Current Events:

You have forgotten what a "Democrat" is.
You have forgotten who's running for president.
You didn't even remember it was an election year.
You think Fox news is fair and balanced.

Operant Conditioning:

You think a trolley is a part of a normal street scene.
You no longer have any regard whatsoever for traffic when crossing a street on foot.
You have begun inventing new parking spaces in public parking lots as well as on campus.
You entirely ignore any sort of fire alarm.
Whenever prompted for a password on the Internet, you automatically enter your Social Security Number.

Quirks and Miscellany:

You can predict the cafeteria menu for at least the next two days.
You know how to get to and from Wal-Mart...but that's about it.
You remember plans for successfully breaking curfew more often than the times your classes meet.
You know the full names of all the Greek clubs (even if you're not a member of one).
You would consider upholstering something entirely orange.

I took the quiz, added up the points, and happily fall into the category that reads: you appear to have a solid grounding in reality. Beware, though, how the mighty have fallen; guard your awareness with your life.


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