Saturday, May 08, 2004


As I write this entry, I sit in the Cleveland Public Library. Cleveland Public Library is one of the grand old libraries that seem to belong to eternity, never having a beginning or an end. It's also staffed by librarians of the same kind; they don't necessarily seem old, their age reaching a cessation as they seemingly become part of the library themselves.

The computer lab I'm using is just like any other computer lab in a library, though seeing computers in this ancient building is rather odd. The other oddity, which I have never seen in all the computer labs I've used is that the computers have names. Yes, that's right. The computers have been named. I sit at 'Little Will', and on either side of me are 'Craig Miles' and 'Brainerd'.

This is actually my last day in Cleveland. I've re-packed all my belongings into the two enormous white boxes, though this time they are both covered with a few more layers of duck tape. A friend and I were laughing the other day as we watched students packing up their vehicles with their belongings, trying to make every last thing fit. We laughed at the absurdity of what we actually do in college; pack up all our stuff and haul it to school for a few months, then pack it all up again and haul it back home, just to re-pack it again and haul it back to school. Why do we do this? I don't know. It would seem more expedient to just move to the school for the four years rather than move every four months. Yet I too find myself in the ridiculous moving cycle. I fly home tomorrow and will be sleeping in my sister's room tomorrow night. Doubtless we will stay up long into the night, catching up on all our girly news in excited whispers. My youngest sister will want to sleep over in our room, and the two boys will give me cheesy grins and awkward hugs before they go to bed. I'll kiss and hug my parents goodnight in the tradition of our family, and my dad will whisper in my ear he's glad I'm home.

I suppose this is a rather rambling entry. Perhaps it is because I feel rather rambling myself. Getting through the stress of finals, packing up all one's belongings, saying goodbye to close friends, and being excited to go home produces a rambling state of mind. Whatever the case, in a few weeks my rambles will be over and I'll be blogging about home and work and the books that I'm going to read for fun. Yeah, I really am ready to go home.


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