Sunday, May 16, 2004

Our conversation was non-stop for three hours. After not seeing each other for four months we had catching up to do, and we're still not done. It's one thing to catch up on what we did, but completely another to catch up on all our thoughts, plans, and musings. She is one of the few girls I know in which I am completely comfortable in being my entire self when I am with her. With most of my friends, I express a particular side of myself when I am with them; the side that we both have in common. I am completely okay with that, but with her I can be my intellectual self, my girly self, my humorous self, my frustrated self, my confused self, my creative self, and my zany self at any one time and I know she'll understand.

We ended up in our favorite coffee shop late this afternoon, her with an iced tea and I with an iced latte. I reveled in the fact that I am back in the land of real coffee, and that I didn't have to brace myself before sipping my drink. She told me about the newest pathetic coffee shop in town, and I told her my woes at failing to even find a qualified coffee shop at school.

After I took her back home, I felt a little sigh of relief. It was the comfortable relief of having a stimulating conversation that was entirely natural and easy with someone who understands you. That coffee shop will definitely see a lot more of us over the next three months.


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