Thursday, April 22, 2004

Too Late

There are officially 7 days left until finals. My friends and I are beginning to bemoan the fact that we only have about two weeks left before we say goodbye for 3 summer months. Since I've been here at Lee University the majority of people I've met are freshman, sophomores, and juniors, and though we're excited about leaving for summer break, we can't wait to come back and see each other again. As much as I hate saying goodbye to people, knowing I'll see them in a couple of months isn't so bad.

I've been frustrated, however, at the amount of people I've been meeting over the past couple of weeks who are most interesting and fascinating, but who are also seniors. Seniors who are graduating this spring. Like, they'll be gone forever in two weeks. Why do I meet these people now and not at the beginning of the semester? Why do we suddenly decide that we'll introduce ourselves now and not one of the hundreds of times we've previously seen each other all semester? Meeting these people seems to open this delightful window of possibility which doesn't really exist at all. Our acquaintance will sadly fade into a distant thought of "They were probably really cool. I wish I had met them sooner."

Sometimes meeting fascinating people is more frustrating than intriguing.


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