Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Spring is definitely in the air. Flip-flops, skirts, shorts, and fake tans have sprung up everywhere in the past two days. I'll confess that the spring fever has infected me as well; I find myself wanting to be nine years old again so I'd only have to do school for half the day and then playing the rest of the day. Then I had to think about what it was about being nine that I loved so much. This is what I thought.

I feel like running up behind random people, tagging them, saying "you're it", and running for my life.

I feel like climbing a tree and going up that one more branch that I was scared to climb the time before.

I feel like swinging with my eyes closed and feeling the swishing rush in my stomach.

I feel like running through the sprinkler with bare feet and seeing how long I can stand under the arc of water before I get wet.

I feel like picking flowers and making daisy chains.

I feel like rolling down a big grassy hill and yelling all the way down.

I feel like making mud pies and not caring that my clothes are stained and my fingernails have dirt under them.

I feel like being brown, tired, and happy, and hearing my mom call me in for dinner as the shadows lengthen.

I feel like being nine again.


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