Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Chorale's concert is in six days. Our choir director has just given us two new pieces to learn, one of which is in Russian. I've never sung in Russian, and though it's fun to sing, I feel like I'm singing a tongue twister. The translation of the text makes no sense at all.

"Brooms, brooms, yes brooms-sweepers, yes on the hearth laid about, yes from the hearth were torn off. Godfather Gabriel, godfather Gabriel, I to Gabriel was saying."

I've been chanting the words to myself for the past day, trying make sense out of the sounds I'm saying. I can't help but think after I listen to myself for a while that I sound like an old married woman nagging at her husband. 'Veniki, veniki, da veniki pomeliki, da po pechi valialisia da spechi oborvalisia.' Hopefully when we put the harmonies together it won't sound quite that way. Otherwise I'll have a hard time keeping a straight face while we sing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

actually, that's because it IS a Russian tongue twister.

11:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ur a dunce it is a tongue twister

1:28 PM  

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