Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Last Saturday night I sat on my friend's bed, laughing at myself and the irony of my situation. I, a pastor's kid, was actually looking through the Yellow Pages for a church to go to the following morning.

The section for churches was about six pages long for this area, and half those pages were filled entirely with Church of God congregations. It's obvious that this city is the international headquarters of the Church of God. After the Church of God section came the Baptist section, not quite as long as the Church of God, but close. Under the Baptist section then came all the sub-Baptist sections: Southern Baptist, Reformed Baptist, Traditional Baptist, etc, etc. Pentecostal and Presbyterian had modest sections, and last but not least was the Non-denominationals with a mere three listings.

My friend and I randomly picked out a Church of God from the columns of churches, looked up their website for directions, and attended service Sunday morning. My only comment about Sunday is that I don't recommend randomly picking out a church from the Yellow Pages. The Yellow Pages may be helpful in finding a good mechanic or chiropractor, but the margin of error in choosing a church is just too large, especially in Cleveland.

Next Sunday I look forward to attending All Saints Anglican Church in Chattanooga. I anticipate singing the liturgy and partaking in the Eucharist.


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