Thursday, February 19, 2004

Her shirt was incredibly oversized, dating back twenty years. The black and white geometric shapes that went halfway down her thighs were embellished with a white frizzled fringe around the collar, and an ostentatious bow flopped from the side. More bobbles of white frizzle were scattered randomly over the body of the shirt, giving the impression of a Cosby Show designer gone haywire. Her pants were black vinyl, tapering to fit tightly over impossibly high and pointed black boots.

To add further interest to her two toned outfit, she wore an overabundance of makeup. Bright red lipstick, penciled-in taupe eyebrows, and reddish-brown rouge contrasted sharply with her thick layer of painstakingly applied foundation and powder.

I smiled to myself as I watched the lady. She was simply a southern belle gone awry, believing that she could still be fashionable in the things she wore twenty years ago.


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