Friday, February 13, 2004

A conversation between a fellow student and I after we discovered that we are both from the Northwest.

"Yeah, it's nice here, but I really miss good salmon."
"No kidding, and Tillimook Cheese."
"Aww...Tillimook Cheese."
"Everything here tastes different. Like, have you noticed the beef?"
"Yeah, it tastes kind of, I don't know, blah."
"I miss seeing the mountains too. REAL mountains. No offense, but 'mountains' here are just like speedbumps."
"And not just seeing the mountains, but seeing the mountains and the Pacific at the same time."
"And have you noticed that you can't smell evergreens here?"
"Yeah. Disiduous trees are okay, but you can't have any pinecone fights."
"I guess we Northwesterners are pretty spoiled."
"I like it that way."


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