Sunday, February 01, 2004

Bookstore Etiquette

I used to think Barnes and Noble was the perfect place to be isolated with my own thoughts and interests. Granted, there are always other book lovers in Barnes and Noble, but there is an unspoken rule of bookstore etiquette that customers don't really talk to one another. Any communication is confined to a quiet "Pardon me." even just a nod of the head. I don't go to Barnes and Noble to socialize with other strangers, I go for the sole purpose of indulging my interests.

Last night, however, my usual experience in Barnes and Noble changed. It seems as if the Chattanooga Barnes and Noble has become the next 'pick up' place, with every other guy checking my friend and I out and even trying to introduce themselves with cheesy pick up lines. Don't they know that clubs and bars are the place to do that? Don't they realize that the girls who go to Barnes and Noble at 9 o'clock at night aren't looking to be picked up and would rather be left alone so they can read their book? Don't they know that girls who are in Barnes and Noble will admire a guy more for quietly reading Plato in the philosophy section rather than saying "I want to talk to you." as the girl walks past them in the aisle?

Obviously, these supposed book lovers did not know. Maybe they were new bookstore addicts and had not as of yet learned bookstore etiquette. Perhaps that could be the next bestseller: 'Bookstore Etiquette: 10 things you never do while in Barnes and Noble".


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