Monday, January 05, 2004

Today I'm attempting to fit my entire life into two boxes and one carry-on bag. I've always thought myself to be non-materialistic, but defining non-materialistic by two 22 square inch boxes may be on the extreme side. I could ship everything that doesn't fit, but the cost of shipping is a little higher than a college student can afford. Knick-nacks and the etc.'s of life which I tend to call 'stuff' aren't my problem, it's the normal things: clothes, shoes, stereo, books, and school supplies.

When I was a kid one of my favorite imaginary games was that because of some unforeseen tragedy, I had to pack one bag with all my most needed and precious worldly possessions. I was sustained by raisins and Cheerios, accompanied by my faithful doll, and carried away by my trusty hobby horse. I would then leave home and begin a great and perilous journey that ended in our back woods. The cause of the leaving was always different and not necessarily important, but the one solitary bag was crucial. The bag was proof of my self-sufficiency, and my connection to civilization and beloved formal life. 10 years later, however, I find that my list of most needed and precious possessions is much longer than before.

Oh for the days when everything I wanted fit into one bag.


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