Saturday, January 24, 2004


I need to think about nothing. Not necessarily because I would enjoy thinking about nothing, or because there is an inherent value in nothing, but because thinking about nothing will exclude everything I have had to recently think about (and I applaud all you readers who made sense out of that statement).

Thinking about nothing would exclude Biology, multitudes of notes, past conversations, next week's exams, confusing professors, information that friends have shared that I never wanted to know, cultural differences, the absence of good coffee, and the girls down the hall who play R&B at midnight.

Perhaps all I need is better control of my mind, so I only think about what I want. If only my mind was like a box, only containing what I put in when I open the lid. Instead, it seems like a drive-thru service, rapidly taking orders and churning out products at the will of the customers. Maybe that's the one element I'm missing; drive-thru's actually get money for what they produce.

On the other hand, if my mind was like a box, that would defeat the entire purpose of being open minded. And what would be the purpose of thinking if one wasn't open minded?


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