Wednesday, January 07, 2004

El Grito

Eclipse of a scream resounding echoes mountain to mountain.
Rising from the trees is a rainbow.
Darkness over a night of deep blue.
Just like the bows of a viola,
The scream has drawn out the vibrations of the wind and its music.
The people of the caves will now put on their long veils. Ay!

La luna asoma
Slowly the moon appears and the fields are so quickly lost;
In their place you will see the impenetrable paths.
Slowly the moon appears and the sea covers the earth,
The heart is like an island, just an isle in infinity.
No one is eating an orange under the streaming moonlight.
It's now one must eat fruit so green and so ice cold.
Slowly the moon appears and shows its hundred equal faces,
The coin then turns to silver and softly sobs in its pouch.

"Suite" de Lorca by Rautavaara.


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